A Call for Submissions

November 23, 2009

Call for poetry submissions:

What for: An online portal for the reading and discovery of the work of West Indian/West Indian heritage writers of poems at:


What we are looking for: Unpublished works that explore images of so-called Caribbean-ness and do something with them — invert them, twist them, crack them open. Baptise them or make them anew. Works that tread unfamiliar territory — or familiar ones. Works that spill out from that dark place in your mind and relieve the pressure of compression inside of your heart.

Avant-garde, experimental and radical verse are all welcome. Dabblers of journal verse are welcome. Bring yourself — with words.

Of particular interest are poems pertaining to themes of identity, gender, gender roles and sexuality.

Please indicate upon submission, if you would prefer to use a nom de plume. Please include a brief biographical sketch or simply, nationality information. Authors retain all original rights to their work.

For further inquiry, to hear more about this venture or to submit work, please e-mail creativecommess[at] gmail [dot] com


The fourth installment of the Trinidad Junction podcast is also the 1st episode of the Island Tribe Interview Series. Conducted by Tamika Phillip, one of my trusty Junction partners in crime, this episode’s featured interview with singer, dancer, musician and poet, Nzinga Job, gives listeners a taste of a different kind of podcast style, one which is inspired (beautifully) by Tamika’s experience in the world of documentary film-making. I loved listening to it, and I hope you will too.

(Click here to listen!)

Leanna-Marie gets double Junction points for submitting a new poem for inclusion on her Trinidad Junction Profile Page.

quintinsmall.jpgI don’t have an answer to that question (yet) but I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read Quintin Victor’s Trinidad Junction profile. Quintin grew up in Mt Dor Champs Fleurs, one of Trinidad’s poorer neighbourhoods and is, like many TrinBagonians, disgusted with the crime situation. Although surrounded by drug dealers, drug pushers, and all types of gangsters as a young man, he fought against the mold and sought out an honest life. His poetry is simple, straightforward and frank. He tells it like it is. He might not have a solution to the problems currently plaguing the nation, but his words will surely get you thinking. And for me, thought has always been the most powerful catalyst for change.

Due to severe bad weather in New York City on the day that I was scheduled to depart (Wed., Valentine’s Day), my flight was canceled. And because all flights to Trinidad up until Carnival Monday are completely booked, there was no way that I could get on another flight.

Sooooo….it is with a heavy heart that I have to cancel our 1st Official Junction Lime. Luckily, I got a full refund for my ticket and my mummy and a friend of mine are trying their best to get my Island People costume sold at the last minute (if interested in a Jewel of the Nile small costume, please email me at nikkia@trinidadjunction.com)…

I am not sad or bitter although I may have been initially bummed about not getting to see my friends and family —– but I’m actually OKAY about the whole situation. A lot of my friends had decided late last year that they were not going to be playing mas this year (primarily due to the steep increase in costume prices, among other things), so the fact that I won’t be on the road this Carnival is not affecting me like it otherwise might have.

Anyway Junctioneers….much love from NYC….I will be home in August for my best friend’s wedding, so we will DEFINITELY lime then!

Sending love from NYC,


The official launch lime

February 4, 2007


Totally Awesome!

January 30, 2007

trinidadguardianarticle.gifI’d like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Ray Blood for publishing our recent launch press release on the January 30, 2007 edition of the Trinidad Guardian. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the article and I am happy to report that the Junction is serving it’s purpose. In fact, BOTH of the Junctions (Carnival Junction AND Trinidad Junction) have been doing extremely well lately. Now that Trinidad Carnival 2007 is fast approaching, the number of visitors to Carnival Junction has increased dramatically over the last few weeks. I swear, it’s been absolutely incredible to watch. You can almost smell the desperation in some people’s posts (yes, of course I’m kidding). But equally intense, is the sense of excitement and hope in others. You know that when you visit Carnival Junction and you have a costume to buy or sell, you will most certainly find what you’re looking for. Ahhhhh…the beauty of the Internet!