office space

July 3, 2008

as much as i like the work i’m doing and the good it’s hopefully doing, i still hatehatehate the office job. i hate having to get up and get dressed every day, hate having to think about lunch before i’ve even drunk a cup of tea for the morning (clearly, because it’s too damn early), hate packing a bag to get me through everything i’m supposed to do for the day, hate toting that bag full of laptop+books+shit too precious to leave in the car if i go somewhere after work, hate dealing with other people, especially before an hour i consider reasonable for interacting with anyone i don’t truly love, hate communal toilets+kitchens, hatehatehate people, hate office politics, did i mention how much i despise getting dressed?
now i remember why i was always so hardcore about remaining a freelancer. home office hopefully sooncome…
walk good.

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