June 9, 2008

finally made it home to sweet trini in april and haven’t stopped since. it was crazy, the last days in dc, especially with our shipping company calling the day before they were to collect our boxes to say they couldn’t come the next day and would be there in 5hours, instead. we’d planned on packing all night and thus were nowhere near ready for them to pick anything up. we called friends and quickly downgraded from itemising every piece in every box to general labelling of “dishes” and “random”. thankfully, we got through itemising the 22boxes of books before the deadline-shift, because creating a full library listing was the one good thing about packing yet again, for me.

but we reach, we eat, hit the beach, taking in excellent performances by our favourite bands, and euphoria may be my favourite new venue, in spite of initial apprehension when i heard dundonald street. i loving being home and loving that he loving it, too.

when we were leaving dc, every trini, here+there, warned us about the crime+traffic, traffic+crime, and i had to keep reminding everybody, “we livin’ dc”- so we reach and i’m relieved to find i was right- not that the state of things not distressing, but at least the crime+traffic don’t feel any worse than dc. we ent so bad yet that we make me more scared than when i was living in the sometime murder capital of the usa. and since i try not to find myself in work situations that require rush-hour movement anyway (usually feasible in the arts) i not feeling that pressure the way some might. all in all, except for being crammed into my parents’ guestroom, feeling like i don’t have space of my own for my mind’s wanderings, i think we doing ok. mangos work wonders for peace of mind.

we worked the lilliput theatre show for aunty noble as soon as we reach and by the time that was done i was becoming the new programmes coordinator @ trinidad theatre workshop. plus i’m stage managing a show and looking into teaching and other freelance work, while grims in mayaro with 3canal recording their new album- i’m a little jealous because i have no days off to go down before they finish and come back, but that’s a good sign too: i wukkin. and trinidad noir just got its 1st (good) review and my copies should be in my greedy little hands soon; i didn’t want to jinx it before publication but now i can be as ridiculously excited as i want, and i so thrilled i don’t even know what to say about it, except just hope my little story can hold its own in the illustrious company of lawrence scott, robert antoni, elizabeth nunez, shani mootoo, et al…

i should blog this show i’m stage managing (an experience and a half) but considering that i’m only now getting around to saying i made it home 2months ago, i suppose i’ll get to it after we close. when i’m a little less busy…some things never change…walk good.