our pom tea commercials (edited january23)

January 20, 2008

so the other day this crazy fool i know asked me to be in his commercial. there’s a competition to come up with a 90seconds-or-less spot for pom tea, to potentially win airtime and some $. he had an idea, i had time (+talent, we hope) and a bass-player friend who’d hopefully hook up an original score- luckily, the crucial musician said yes.
in the end, we made not just 1, but 2, good commercials, if i do say so myself (individually scored by bass-magician, neither longer than a minute)- the videos are embedded below, but if you care about process and what worked/didn’t, the editor/idea/cameraman blogged it, including storyboards and other creative-process details, with our 2commercials embedded.

if either makes the shortlist of 10 finalists, once finalists are announced it’s viewer voting time, so we hope you like the ad(s) too…you can vote for us (if we make the list) from monday january21-february15…

walk good.

[edit: we didn’t make the top10, but if you like the ads you can still vote for us @ the 2nd link in this post, for “most original” “best comedy” or “best pom spirit”…]


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