following up: last but not least…

June 29, 2007

when i was last here i realised that although i post about working in theatre and with young people through the arts (archives will attest, i hope) i’ve never explained how i started (except in my initial junction interview); lilliput theatre’s annual show has become a rite of passage for young trinbagonian performers- i learned much of what i do in the green front studio @ caribbean school of dance (another rite of passage for so many)- i remember we felt so big.

lilliput taught me who i wanted to be (full disclaimer: i’ve posted about this before, elsewhere, so here+now is an epilogue). but when i started, lying on the ground late saturday mornings, breathing in+out on john’s command and wondering if this really had anything to do with acting, i had no idea i’d become a professional stage manager/technician/actor/dancer/writer/director/teacher- i just knew the stuff the drama class was doing while i waited to get picked up from ballet was fun. writing soon followed, for my 1st lilliput show- john’s idea- and i was where i belonged.

since then, my constant goal is to offer young people the inspiration and resources that were given to me. caribbean school of dance was the foundation- i still tell students who ask that i started as a dancer and it’s served me well- but lilliput was where i became myself. the 2 are inseparable from who i am and what i do (also inseparable from who i am) and with my family’s support are the root of every positive vibe i put out into our world.

i may not be as financially rewarded as some but i absolutely love what i do- i get to create art and feel like i make some difference in the minds and lives of our youth-and i wouldn’t be here without caribbean school of dance and lilliput theatre always respecting me as a viable artist regardless of my age (for real, 2nd paragraph “disclaimer” link). i just hope that the work i do now inspires youths to do something valuable with their lives and pass it on to future minds.

are you doing what you love? who taught you? who inspires you? how do you give back?

walk good.


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