the shows must go on

June 26, 2007

i came by to say something about the stephen+damian “jr.gong” marley show, the manu chao show and the machel show, and in catching up here, read something else that made me realise i have been remiss and must remedy it. but 1st: the marleys were so good!i wish it were a different venue- something outside and anything bigger would’ve been nice (although they’d just sell proportionately more tickets, so ‘bigger’s niceness is contingent on fulfilling ‘outside’)- and my other minor complaint is that stephen+jr.gong should do more of their own material. we lucky to hear them perform their father’s work, but some of us were looking forward to tracks off welcome to jamrock (and previous albums) and mind control and felt a lot of excellent tunes were overlooked. their energy+vibes were exactly what i was looking for, though. real nice show.

my only other complaint isn’t about the show but the audience. and this is why i stopped clubbing in dc- i don’t like partying with americans. they just come out on a different head from how we approach feteing and i don’t like the vibes. their intent is to “get fucked up”, and american men can be so unmannerly and overly aggressive in how they ask for a dance or name or whatever, plus they never understand a dance is just a dance- i actually had a man grab me hard enough to rip open my jeans in a dc club once. not worth it for a small wine (too small @ that, with last call and such bullshit).

the crowd @ the marleys was packed tight, with attitude, and i found myself pushed closer to fighting than i been in years. i had to wonder how the crowd squeezing us could be having such an (apparently) different experience of the show, but the marleys were too good to let that stop me from enjoying myself.

then we just did manu chao and machel montano, same day- we wanted to see manu for awhile and he happened to be here dc carnival weekend. the only thing i was pressed about for carnival was machel’s alternative concept, so i couldn’t let the long day (dance @ 11.30am, manu @ 5.30pm, machel @ 2.30am) or distance between shows (we left manu, drove straight, got to machel just after 1am) stop me. it was all worth it too, except for 1 complaint: neither manu nor machel brought their horn sections. since 1 band came from spain and the other from trinidad+tobago but neither with the horns used so amply throughout their recorded music and local live performances, i can only assume it’s considered an unjustifiable expense for international gigs. but we music lovers would’ve loved them even more if they brought their fullest sound. both shows were wonderful, but i missed the horns, accordion player and 2nd vocalist, and horns and winer girls, respectively. i was glad i knew the music well enough to hear the rest of it in my head, and that in spite of their sound-reduction, both acts delivered. i’m still a fan and want to see them both again. with horns.

walk good.

ps: necessary follow-up mentioned in 1st paragraph sooncome…


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