Island Tribe Series – Interview with Nzinga Job

March 11, 2007

The fourth installment of the Trinidad Junction podcast is also the 1st episode of the Island Tribe Interview Series. Conducted by Tamika Phillip, one of my trusty Junction partners in crime, this episode’s featured interview with singer, dancer, musician and poet, Nzinga Job, gives listeners a taste of a different kind of podcast style, one which is inspired (beautifully) by Tamika’s experience in the world of documentary film-making. I loved listening to it, and I hope you will too.

(Click here to listen!)


3 Responses to “Island Tribe Series – Interview with Nzinga Job”

  1. […] a regular basis as its tagged as a rebirth. On the topic of podcasts you can also get a fix of an Island Tribe Series from The Junction Blog. I encourage the listening of both CFR’s and TJ’s […]

  2. Nzinga Job Says:

    Hi guys, please go to, not, for latest updates in my music career.

  3. nikkia Says:

    nzinga, i’ll make the correction on the website as well.


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