i have homework

February 22, 2007

aware that i talked the talk but am yet to deliver the corresponding walk, i’m thus providing a brief update in the interim- the youths are killing me but they think i’m a shakespeare goddess, yay. i’ve had no time- between directing them, my regular shakespeare gig, finishing the american shaolin prep for the radio station, starting edward3 rehearsals (wholly, in part, or not at all by william shakespeare, which provides an excuse to say “apocryphal” a lot, and my favourite direction ever, from banno: “you’re starbuck!” –battlestar galactica, not moby dick) picking up extra shifts to cover for when i’ll be away and figuring out how the ass to apply for a french visa- to interview nico, edit my noir again, or even write on the process of directing these 20-something youths- but i saw savion live and he was amazing, and rough magic and synetic’s silent macbeth were both wonderful in completely divergent ways (big-up shakespeare in washington).

today was classic- 2 shakespeare performances finishing just in time to snatch up the car from grims @ the theatre and fly to rehearse the youths, to run home with just enough time to switch out scripts and finally finish the food i’d bought on the run between shows that morning to get to rehearsal tonight. happy ash wednesday…although, sadly, i just realised it’s thursday- i’m just still on wednesday night’s homework…i wish i had a carnival hangover instead, but i wouldn’t trade any of these gigs…

walk good.


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