Official Maracas Beach Lime – Canceled!

February 16, 2007

Due to severe bad weather in New York City on the day that I was scheduled to depart (Wed., Valentine’s Day), my flight was canceled. And because all flights to Trinidad up until Carnival Monday are completely booked, there was no way that I could get on another flight.

Sooooo….it is with a heavy heart that I have to cancel our 1st Official Junction Lime. Luckily, I got a full refund for my ticket and my mummy and a friend of mine are trying their best to get my Island People costume sold at the last minute (if interested in a Jewel of the Nile small costume, please email me at…

I am not sad or bitter although I may have been initially bummed about not getting to see my friends and family —– but I’m actually OKAY about the whole situation. A lot of my friends had decided late last year that they were not going to be playing mas this year (primarily due to the steep increase in costume prices, among other things), so the fact that I won’t be on the road this Carnival is not affecting me like it otherwise might have.

Anyway Junctioneers….much love from NYC….I will be home in August for my best friend’s wedding, so we will DEFINITELY lime then!

Sending love from NYC,



3 Responses to “Official Maracas Beach Lime – Canceled!”

  1. screwface Says:

    awwwww damn i was looking forward on meeting some new ppl, but i totally understand your situation, i hope u get your costume sold

  2. nikkia Says:

    I know, it totally sucks. I was looking forward to meeting all the new friends that I’ve made through the Junction too. As long as people are available, I will postpone the lime till the last weekend in August. I believe that it’s a holiday weekend in Trinidad too which is even better! Re: my costume…my fingers are crossed (tightly!)

  3. sweettrini Says:

    so me+you, stuck, but not quite together…lame. walk good.

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