notes for a young artist

January 23, 2007

i forgot to mention that i’m about to direct 25 middle-schoolers in a shakespearean production- we’re entered in the folger’s secondary school shakespeare festival and have another performance @ the school itself. they got a late start hiring a director and with auditions this wednesday, we perform on march 8. i haven’t even chosen a play yet because i’ve never worked with these kids before and have no idea what they’re ready for, but we’re trying to include both dance and live music elements.

on other days of this same 2-week festival i’ll be entertainment as part of the folger’s educational performing company, and a commentator(judge) who watches all the schools’ performances and gets to award prizes at the end of the day.

this while performing regularly with the folger’s educational company, rehearsing edward iii @ washington shakespeare company (when i fetched that link and saw the equus sidebar reviews i almost got sad remembering how much i loved that show)* and possibly still freelance-producing @ the radio station.

am i crazy?

perhaps…we’ll see. but then you’ll know what and what not to do. ent?

walk good.

* i then remembered this morning, being recognised for the 1st time by a stranger who stopped me outside the radio station and asked “are you an actress?”, “sometimes…”, “i think i saw you in equus…”– a rare occasion; me lost for words).


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