Trinidad Junction Press – Finally!

January 6, 2007

The other day I mentioned that my darling mummy got the official Trinidad Junction launch press release in front of a couple Trinidad Express journalists which led to an article in the paper on December 10th. Unfortunately, the article wasn’t included on the free online edition of the Express so I couldn’t share it with you. But dearest mummy, eager to help out as always, got the article scanned and emailed the image to me last week. Now it’ll be preserved forever, digi-style! Click on the thumbnail below to see the full article.



4 Responses to “Trinidad Junction Press – Finally!”

  1. trinirocker Says:


  2. screwface Says:

    congrats wish trinidadjunction all the best in the future

  3. JoyFranco Says:

    trinidadjunction iz de BOMB. A perfect ONE-STOP-SHOP where you can find everything.
    “Dat is de darm ting self”
    A little shout out to MOM – How can one survive without a MOMMY DEAREST……….

    Keep up the good work DO-DO-DARLIN…….

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