this is not a fete in here…

January 2, 2007

…yet. but the madness is well underway.

but don’t think i came just to say i come, and will go wordlessly without contribution; i need time to think some deep thoughts so i can return with substance, but for now, wish you all the best as you navigate whatever crossroads you might find yourself at, and in the interim, offer a collage of a professional artist‘s life in dc:

i write, as a freelance associate producer for the kojo nnamdi show on wamu (88.5fm, dc’s npr affiliate) which is the coolest gig ever because i literally learn something new every single day i work there, plus occasionally deal with the crazies.

i’m a teaching artist (mostly shakespeare) which is the most rewarding and heartbreaking gig ever.

i also stage manage- the pick of the year was 3canal‘s caribeana imperia.

actor: i played “jill mason” in a recent production of equusthis post links to 2 others about the experience in my 1st near-nude role, plus the fire in the theatre

none of which would be possible (not the fire, clearly) without the foundation (with that last link especially, i apologise for the strippers, bathroom renovation, and other seemingly odd things surrounding the related subject matter- if you have time to follow random links, enjoy, but if not, you’ll find the appropriate links connnected to noble douglas’ name, then lilliput theatre and then caribbeanfreeradio interview in each post respectively as you link backwards- and i promise it isn’t an infinite backwards linkage, just 3 related posts- unless you like strippers and take the scenic route…).

walk good.


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