Totally Awesome!

January 30, 2007

trinidadguardianarticle.gifI’d like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Ray Blood for publishing our recent launch press release on the January 30, 2007 edition of the Trinidad Guardian. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the article and I am happy to report that the Junction is serving it’s purpose. In fact, BOTH of the Junctions (Carnival Junction AND Trinidad Junction) have been doing extremely well lately. Now that Trinidad Carnival 2007 is fast approaching, the number of visitors to Carnival Junction has increased dramatically over the last few weeks. I swear, it’s been absolutely incredible to watch. You can almost smell the desperation in some people’s posts (yes, of course I’m kidding). But equally intense, is the sense of excitement and hope in others. You know that when you visit Carnival Junction and you have a costume to buy or sell, you will most certainly find what you’re looking for. Ahhhhh…the beauty of the Internet!


Interviewing Elisha

January 28, 2007

ElishaSo if you’ve been reading sweettrini’s blog entries, you’d know that she is an actor working and living in Washington, D.C. who is passionate about teaching kids and an official member of the Junction crew. A few weeks ago, she and I talked over SKYPE about her childhood, her ambitions and her love for the arts. Today, I’d like to share that conversation with you…Enjoy!

(Click HERE to listen!)

notes for a young artist

January 23, 2007

i forgot to mention that i’m about to direct 25 middle-schoolers in a shakespearean production- we’re entered in the folger’s secondary school shakespeare festival and have another performance @ the school itself. they got a late start hiring a director and with auditions this wednesday, we perform on march 8. i haven’t even chosen a play yet because i’ve never worked with these kids before and have no idea what they’re ready for, but we’re trying to include both dance and live music elements.

on other days of this same 2-week festival i’ll be entertainment as part of the folger’s educational performing company, and a commentator(judge) who watches all the schools’ performances and gets to award prizes at the end of the day.

this while performing regularly with the folger’s educational company, rehearsing edward iii @ washington shakespeare company (when i fetched that link and saw the equus sidebar reviews i almost got sad remembering how much i loved that show)* and possibly still freelance-producing @ the radio station.

am i crazy?

perhaps…we’ll see. but then you’ll know what and what not to do. ent?

walk good.

* i then remembered this morning, being recognised for the 1st time by a stranger who stopped me outside the radio station and asked “are you an actress?”, “sometimes…”, “i think i saw you in equus…”– a rare occasion; me lost for words).


January 20, 2007

…of the upcoming interview with nicholai la barrie. live performance of army of one, my favourite off his superhero to many small insects. enjoy.

and now that i’ve said that in 2 public forums, i suppose i have to do it. good.

walk good.

The other day I mentioned that my darling mummy got the official Trinidad Junction launch press release in front of a couple Trinidad Express journalists which led to an article in the paper on December 10th. Unfortunately, the article wasn’t included on the free online edition of the Express so I couldn’t share it with you. But dearest mummy, eager to help out as always, got the article scanned and emailed the image to me last week. Now it’ll be preserved forever, digi-style! Click on the thumbnail below to see the full article.


putting it together

January 5, 2007

impeccably timed (for once, and mostly because i just formally introduced myself the other day and haven’t said anything since) grims posted about putting up his 4 shows– he’s designer for 3 and production manager/td for the 4th (shakespeare’s king lear, which is actually the one teching 1st).

before he even gets king lear fully mounted he starts teching rough magic for rorschach, and before that’s fully up+running he techs hamlet, then i hate hamlet, since they run in rep- a little more insight into making theatre happen- just as i finally have an almost-normal schedule this is the busiest he’s been since he designed caribeana imperia for 3canal this summer…

walk good.

…yet. but the madness is well underway.

but don’t think i came just to say i come, and will go wordlessly without contribution; i need time to think some deep thoughts so i can return with substance, but for now, wish you all the best as you navigate whatever crossroads you might find yourself at, and in the interim, offer a collage of a professional artist‘s life in dc:

i write, as a freelance associate producer for the kojo nnamdi show on wamu (88.5fm, dc’s npr affiliate) which is the coolest gig ever because i literally learn something new every single day i work there, plus occasionally deal with the crazies.

i’m a teaching artist (mostly shakespeare) which is the most rewarding and heartbreaking gig ever.

i also stage manage- the pick of the year was 3canal‘s caribeana imperia.

actor: i played “jill mason” in a recent production of equusthis post links to 2 others about the experience in my 1st near-nude role, plus the fire in the theatre

none of which would be possible (not the fire, clearly) without the foundation (with that last link especially, i apologise for the strippers, bathroom renovation, and other seemingly odd things surrounding the related subject matter- if you have time to follow random links, enjoy, but if not, you’ll find the appropriate links connnected to noble douglas’ name, then lilliput theatre and then caribbeanfreeradio interview in each post respectively as you link backwards- and i promise it isn’t an infinite backwards linkage, just 3 related posts- unless you like strippers and take the scenic route…).

walk good.