Happy Holidays

December 27, 2006

to all the junction artists and supporters. honestly, you guys have been great! i can’t wait for the carnival saturday launch lime to thank each and every one of you in person. it should be big big fun. by the way, the trinidad express published an article on the junction last saturday (thank you mummy). unfortunately, the article wasn’t included on the online edition of the newspaper so i haven’t been able to share it with you. i’m hoping that mummy will get it scanned or mail it to me or something like that very soon (yes, she is a super cool mummy). i’ve been taking it easy this week, recovering from a cold, working from home, sleeping in late, enjoying my sister’s company before she leaves for argentina, helping dan recover from his cold, etc., etc. i’ll be spending new year’s in montreal – my first trip to canada. it’ll be cold no rass but it should be a wild and crazy trip never to be forgetten. what are you doing to ring in 07? send me some pics so i can post them on flickr and link them to the blog. leave out the boring ones please. i’ll try to do the same.



One Response to “Happy Holidays”

  1. […] 6 Jan 2007 Trinidad Junction Press – Finally! Posted by nikkia under Random Thoughts  The other day I mentioned that my darling mummy got the official Trinidad Junction launch press release in front […]

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