The Final Night of the Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition – A Review by Kozkelle

November 26, 2006

Dubbed La Nuit Victwa, the final night of the Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition was held on Saturday, November 11th at the Jean Pierre Complex in Woodbrook, Port of Spain.

I was pleasantly surprised at the impressive turnout for and organisation of the event. At the start of the show, ushers directed patrons to comfortable seating while guest artistes, who had competed with each other during previous weeks, entertained the audience with their lively pieces. The stage and forecourt were nicely decorated, despite a few “blind” spots caused by media tents and rigs. Overall however, seamless transitions between performances and appearances of contestants for the the most coveted title of “Best Village Queen” made the show a delight to observe. Congratulations to the management team on a job well done.

Noteworthy performances included:


A dance, complete with life guard, bathing suits, beach football and of course de bake and shark vendor. A creative, lively and well executed concept.


— The drumming was good, the men resplendent in their purple outfits and turbans, buh oh gawd, whey de geh dat lil Indian boy, the chile was like a spring, de boy cud wine.


— Spectacular performance, de lead character cud dance an act, an de singah, de gurl voice sweet sweet sweet.


— Energetic, nice costuming, alyuh doh feel one ah dese days, one ah dem limboers go brake dey waise?


— Though late due to a delayed flight from Tobago, their performance was fabulous. Good medley, professional stage performance, lyrical sounds. Well worth the wait.

The highlight of the evening’s proceedings however, was the Parade of the Queens. Sixteen beautiful young ladies paraded in costumes and later on, in stunning evening gowns.Their supporters were exuberant in their acknowledgement and support.

The tradition of Best Village is that both costume and gown should incorporate local materials and craftsmanship as much as possible in its design. To this end, gowns were: made of burlap, brown cotton, silk, satin and linen; hand painted, sequined, crocheted, airbrushed; or embellished with pigeon peas, sea shells, wooden rings and other indigenous materials. For the most part, they were stunning creations.

Costumes represented The Midnight Robberess, Mama D’lo, The Poui Tree, Perot Grenade, Fancy Sailor, The Coconut Tree, The Indian Marriage Tent, to name a few. Mention must also be made of Brer Anansi who, appearing to be one of the many props used during the evening, was carried on stage on her “web.” To the astonishment and delight of the crowd, she crawled down her web and gave a stellar performance. The queens were also serenaded by the sweet sounds of the group, H2O Flo, who had the patrons screaming for more.

The winner of both best gown and best costume segments, Ms. Katana Ramboodh, also won the queen title and was crowned by the Prime Minister.

It was a wonderful evening – and to think that I almost did not go. I will definitely be in the 3rd row by the big screen again next year.


2 Responses to “The Final Night of the Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition – A Review by Kozkelle”

  1. i want to know the proposed dates/details for the finals for 2009. want to bring a group of friends to see the event.

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