Giving Thanks

November 26, 2006

This week was Thanksgiving week in the United States. I’m not a huge fan of Thanksgiving since I didn’t grow up celebrating it, but I’ve grown to appreciate its significance after having lived in the States for over 8 years now. (Holy crap! I didn’t know that it’sbeen THAT long already!)

I have a lot to be thankful for. My mummy, my sister, my bf, a good job, health, happiness, etc., etc.  However, I rarely take the time to acknowledge what’s good in my life. I get overwhelmed by the small stuff that seems to clutter my mind on a daily basis. I worry about my future and how I’m ever going to save up enough money to buy my dream brownstone in Brooklyn and sweet pad in Diego. I worry about success and if I’ll ever achieve my version of it. I’m an excitable and ambitious person by nature (a wicked combination!), so I often think too far ahead of myself for my own good. I sometimes compare myself to my peers – the ones who are already married, already homeowners, already parents – and feel inadequate and intimidated by the pressure that I put on myself to have the things that they have, even if I don’t want them.

Looking at where I am today and taking stock of my achievements is a healthy habit that I’m yet to develop. I want to though. It’s just that, as I’ve written many times before, “life gets in the way.”

I now look to Thanksgiving, a celebration which brings the family together around the dinner table, to remember and reflect upon the things in my life that are totally awesome – like my apartment, living in the greatest city on earth, Trinidad Carnival, my family, a sweetheart of a bf, Trinidad and Tobago, super duper friends, Trinidad Junction, my health, Maracas beach, a good education, dance, etc. So although my family didn’t necessarily indulge in the excesses typically associated with the season, like a gigantic turkey and other fattening treats, we did come together this year to celebrate life, love and each other. It was a great week and I’m a little sad it’s over.

Tomorrow – it’s back to the grind for all of us.


3 Responses to “Giving Thanks”

  1. babygirl Says:

    thanksgiving has meant to me over the years as a free holiday, cause as much as I understand the concept, i feel like it is not part of my culture to truly celebrate. To me Christmas is a trini’s thanksgiving, in terms of how big the holiday is; people here go alll out to celebrate thanksgiving here, and I feel like that ppl at home do the same for christmas. however i did find myself indulging in the rituals this year; getting the turkey, all the fuss over the food, and after it all it was nice to have a meal together with those u care about, but for me christmas will always have much more meaning than thanksgiving holiday. but like a true trini i could never resist a free holiday, so much thanks to thanksgiving!

  2. Nikkia Says:

    babygirl, i totally agree with you. for trinis, Christmas is really the time to ‘give thanks’. i’ve never been able to recreate the feeling of a true trini christmas here in nyc, but this year, with my mummy and sis staying with me for one week during thanksgiving, i sure got pretty close. i look forward to the day when i’d be able to spend a christmas in trini with my family. i’m just such a carnival diehard that it’s hard to make it home for two holidays that are so close together.

  3. babygirl Says:

    girl well my favouritest (yes i invented a word) person in the world will b visiting me for chistmas, new year’s so i really intend to cook up a storm for my bro. can’ wait to see him. it won’t be the same, but can tell u it will be memorable, so really and truly home is where the heart is

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