October 22, 2006

Good news people. We have a couple new artists in the Junction, Troy and Brian, and I strongly urge you to check out their pages. Troy is a photographer and Brian is an artist, they both currently reside in Florida and they’re both extremely talented. I am very very very pleased with the caliber of artists who have already submitted their work to the Junction and I am hopeful that, in the future, more talented artistes will choose to promote their work on the site.

It’s been a while since I took the time to write a Trinidad Junction update in the blog. Take that as a good sign. You’ll be happy to know that the pace of work has been picking up. There is a new artists in the Junction ever week which is totally awesome since I haven’t had to do a lot of ‘reaching out’ lately. I still believe that you don’t really need to push an idea down people’s throat or work too hard to try to convince people that something is good if it really is good. People will talk about it, will be excited about it and will encourage their friends to try it if they’re confident in the product/service and believe it to be good/worth it.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo, I’ve been putting a lot of work into a press kit for site because I’d like to exhaust all of the “free press” options available to me before I start spending money on actual advertising. The fact that I’m not in Trinidad poses a bit of a problem, but my mother and a couple of Trini-based friends have offered to help out and I couldn’t be happier about that. I’d like to send the press kit, which includes a press release announcing the official launch of the site, to the editors and journalists of every local newspaper and magazine in the hopes that at least one would find the Trinidad Junction story interesting enough to warrant an article or an interview. If that move doesn’t result in even a tiny bit of press I don’t think I’ll be too upset about it since news of the site’s existence has been spreading organically.

If you know of anybody in the media that I should be sending a press kit to, feel free to send me an email at, okay?!



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