October 12, 2006

This Q & A session can also be viewed on Tripped and Falling’s Trindad Junction page.

3 Questions with Tripped and Falling

1.) when did you know that this is what you wanted to do?

Definitely from the time we wrote our first real songs and played them on stage. There is a rush about that and it never goes away. Especially when you enter the recording studio – i rember the first time I heard ‘In Tears and Bad Endings’ after we recorded it and i was like ‘Damn!! Is that us!!’ The realization that we can reach people with our music gave us the confidence to persue what we love as a career and let us know that dreams can be fulfilled.

2.) what steps did you take to get where you are today?

Everyone says it, but its true – Hard work and dedication is really the key. Belief in yourself and adopting the right attitude to your work is so important as well. We have had loads of ppl tell us to do something ‘real’ and stop having ‘fun’ – they are ignorant and do not recognize that this takes the same, if not more work than waking up to go to an office every day. Running a band is basically running a small business or company.

Our parents were worried about us giving up schooling and so forth for music but at some point you have to do what you wanna do, it means so much more when you have sucess in something that you built yourself. So we just had a vision and ensured we followed it and never gave up. Even from the early days of the band – i was reading an old interview with us in 2000 when we said we wanted to take the band to the international stage, so with it being 2006 and that statement becoming a reality is really nice to know we have achieved it.

3.) what advice would you give to a young person from T&T who’s thinking
of becoming a dancer/actor/musician/writer /etc.?

I would say that it is possible if you want it to be. Always measure yourself against the best and the top class actors, dancers, musicians because that is where you want to be, at the top so you must aim there.

Also do not be afraid of sacrifice and humility, there are thigns you have to do to suceed. There will be many times that you will have to do the exact opposite of what you want to do, just to be able to do what you want to do later on in life.

As sad and unfortunate as it is to say, Trinidad can only take you so far. It is not our country to blame, i mean we are a small island, limited recourses and a small population. We have the talent but i believe you have to go to the opportunity, dont wait for it to come to you. If you wanna see big buildings go to New York, you wanna see blue waters go to Tobago. So if you wanna do somethign that is not possible where you are go to where it is best for that .


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