October 5, 2006

I wanted to take this opportunity to send out an official thanks and big love to Steller, a girl who I recently met on MySpace.

I have a profile on MySpace and the website, not me, has over 300 friends. Unlike most MySpacers, I don’t update my profile regularly and am not found of browsing endless profiles to submit friend requests to complete strangers. Life on MySpace tends to boil to down to one big popularity contest after another except that sometimes it’s the users with thousands of friends who (sadly) tend to be terriblly unpopular in real life. Nevertheless, MySpace has become the number one destination for young people all over the world who are searching for new and interesting ways in which to define themselves. When real life has failed, fear not (!), MySpace will welcome you with open arms. You think I’m kidding? Seriously, I kid you not. Name any group, any interest or any hobby, I guarantee you that you can find it on MySpace.

But don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that MySpace is for losers. Take me for instance. I have a profile on MySpace too (!) and I’m totally cool! However, there is a big difference between my profile and the profile that I’ve created for Can you guess what that is? I’d make you do some homework and find out for yourselves, but I’d rather just tell you now and get on with my story. The key difference between the two profiles is that I, the site owner, have less than 40 friends, while, the site, has over 300. For my personal page, I chose not to haphazardly accept or send friend requests to anybody like I did (in a more structured – searching for trinis only – less hapazard way) for the site’s page because my motivation was not to publicize myself – I just wanted to be on MySpace so I could 1.) see what all the fuss was about and 2.) be the first friend of my bf’s when he created a MySpace profice for his band.

But I’m straying from my point, as usual.

Steller, is a friend of on MySpace. A couple weeks ago, she sent an event invitation out to all her friends. She loves music and is a fan of local bands like 12 The Band, Spotrushaz and Tripped and Falling (If those names sound familiar, you’ll understand why in a second). When one of the bands on her friends list has an upcoming event she frequently sends out an invitation or posts a message on the bulletin board because that’s what really cool fans do. So the event invitation that I received from her was for a performance by 12 The Band as part of Galvanize. I immediately contacted her (before checking out her profile) to see if 12 The Band would be interested in being on, thinking that she was either part of the band or a member of their marketing/publicity team. She responded right away and explained that she had no real ties to the band other than being one of their friends/fans and offered to forward my message along to them.

What suprised me the most was that Steller not only offered to reach out to 12 The Band, but also to tell the other bands on her friends list about Now remember, up until that point, I hadn’t connected with Steller, except to send her that initial friend request, which she accepted. Despite her obvious enthusiasm, I didn’t know if I could trust her or not. Over the lifetime of, I’ve had many disappointments, some small, others big. Time and time again, I’ve reached out to people who’ve in turn vowed to do this or the other to help me out. Those who know me personally probably agree on a couple things about my personality – I’m a go-getter and I’m extremely driven and motivated when I’m working on something that I believe in. And since I believe in TrinidadJunction, I’ve worked on it tirelessly over the last couple months, sending emails, working on the site, attending to this blog, etc. I rarely ask for help, but when I do, or rather, when I’m forced to, (which I had to do recently because I started to feel overwhelmed with all the ideas I had bobbing around in my brain, the pressure I was putting on myself and having to balance my day job, with teaching dance and making something out of this website) I often feel bad about it.

So I try hard to get things done on my own and have lost faith in people’s words because most times, they never keep them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a, “I love what you’re trying to do and will submit some of my work later tonight” or, on responding to my request to visit the forums, a “Yeah man, I’ll definitely post something” only to never have either happen. I understand that starting something new is hard work and rejection is something that you have to get used to in the beginning so I eventually responding to these people with a “yes, uh huh” while tempering my hopes and expectations within.

But Steller, good ole Steller was an exception to the rule, and boy was she an exception. Because of her efforts (and thanks to MySpace, or course), two amazingly talented musical acts from Trinidad and Tobago signed up with – Spotrushaz and Tripped and Falling. I have no idea what was inside of the message that she sent to her friends and part of me wishes I knew. But I think I’m content just knowing that I’ve found someone who follows through for a change. I don’t think Steller really knows how big of an impact her little gesture had on me.

Steller, if you’re reading this, thanks again, for everything. You rock! I look forward to working with you miss brand ambassador.



  1. Steller Says:

    AWWWW… thanks alot for that Nikkia, i am happy and willing to assist in anyway i can.

    and i like that i have a tittle “Brand Ambassador”, it has a nice ring to it, makes me feel all important and stuff …LOL!!!

  2. You are important girl 🙂

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