October 2, 2006

I cannot believe that I am only NOW hearing about the 6.0 earthquake that hit Trinidad last Friday morning at 9:08am! Why am I so out of it? The one weekend that I decide to give the computer a break is the weekend when something crazy like this happens back home.

Other than the Internet, my one source for local news is my mother and (oh this is such a crazy coincidence) she chose not to call me and my sister this weekend because the TSTT overseas rate special apparently ended the weekend before. (Ridiculous, I tell you.) So today, after blowing away the cobweb from my keyboard (yes, it only takes 2 days for dust to start collecting on your things in NYC), I finally learned of the infamous Earthquake from one of my favourite blogs – Caribbean Free Radio.

I haven’t called my mother yet to see how she’s doing but I’m guessing that she’s okay since, according to an article in the Trinidad Express, the earthquake “occured less than 5km off the north coast” and she lives in Arima. Still, I should give her a call tonight to make sure she’s fine.

I wonder where she was when it happened, boy? Hopefully she wasn’t on the road. I imagine that it must have been a frightful experience for the motorists on the road that day. Thankfully, reports claim that there was no major damage from the quake. Thank goodness for that!



  1. D Sweetest Trini Bai Eva! Says:

    ye man, i hope all ah dem people in Trinidad dey safe n ting, i herd bout it da same day bout 12:43 pm Canadian time. i talked tuh meh auntie dere, n dem say it was aright, no major damage n ting, so yuh no… god iz watchin Trinidad…

  2. Ish Says:

    yeah boy, dat earthquake was real frightnin! i was in class when it happen, an everybody jus start to bawl ‘earthquake!’ The glass on d buildin across de road was real rattlin, i thought it was goion to break, but thank God it didn’t.

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