First Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

September 18, 2006

According to an article on, Trinidad and Tobago will soon be hosting its first Film Festival sometime in the coming months. The article doesn’t mention exactly when the festival is to take place, but it suggests that one of its aims is to “deepen the appreciation for Caribbean cinema.” My reaction??? It’s about damn time!!!

I have grown to love documentaries and independent films because in my opinion, they tend to do more justice to the art of film-making than your average franchise movie. Maybe not in Trinidad yet, where most, if not all movies made are considered “independent”. But that at least seems to be the case in Hollywood. Still, I’d take in an indie flick over a blockbuster any day of the week.

Going to movies in New York can be prohibitively expensive if you’re not making big $$ so over the last couple years my bf and I have become Netflix junkies. My recently watched flicks include Boys of Barraca and Cache, two fantastic must-sees that will be sure to make you think.

My hope for this Film Festival is that the quality of the films showcased reflects a true dedication to the artform not some contrived attempt at mimicking an obscure Hollywood formula. Nevertheless, I encourage people to support. Go out and see what local film-makers have to offer and report back since I won’t have the opportunity to take part.


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