Carifesta IX in Trinidad

September 17, 2006

I’m happy that Carifesta is being held in T&T again this year. It’s not the first time that T&T has played host though. Since it’s inception in Guyana in 1972, T&T has had the honour of hosting the festival twice before, first in 1992 and then again in1995.

This one-of-a-kind festival is not to be missed because it is a great accomplishment in Caribbean arts and culture and a testament to our shared history and culture. In line with its goal of showcasing Caribbean arts & culture, this year’s theme is, “Celebrating Our People: Contesting the World Stage”, coined by Artistic Director, Earl Lovelace. According to Lovelace, “the Caribbean cultural forms must be reclaimed as more than just a ‘bacchanal’ culture, but should be celebrated as one form of resistance to oppression through which we have determined our identity.” I could not agree with him more.
The celebration kicks off on September 22nd and culminates on October 1. Over 1,000 artistes from 30 countries from the English, French and Dutch-speaking Caribbean, along with Latin America will be in Trinidad showcasing their work.

There will be displays by performing, literary, culinary and visual arts groups, fashion shows, calypso competitions – all of which will be centered around a grand cultural market and trade fair.

I strongly recommend that you try your best to make it to at least one event during the festival’s ten days. I can’t promise that it’ll be worth your while, but I can promise you that you’ll probably feel good about yourself afterwards. It’s important that these artistes get the support they deserve. Their work represents us and unifies us as a Caribbean people by telling our story in a unique and creative way.

So I urge you to gather a group of your friends and/or family and check it out.

Carifesta IX Events



One Response to “Carifesta IX in Trinidad”

  1. Renz Says:

    So I went to see Cuba and Jamaica in the last few days. They both had nice shows! Carifesta is trully a nice addition to the calender this year! The displays, the opportunities for craftsmen to display and sell their artworks be it physical or dance or song is a welcomed opportunity. And it did Tobago well to have some cultural avenue to explore during the week!!

    Carifesta, Carifesta!!

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