My Topsy Turvy World

September 11, 2006

Sorry for not posting anything over the weekend. But I figured since hardly anyone reads this it wouldn’t be missed. (I’m feeling a little sorry for myself, I know). Well, I’ve been tired pretty much every day since I started my new job last week Wednesday. Those of you that wake up early every morning are probably wondering why I’m making such a big fuss. But for me, it’s been a major adjustment. The first couple days were real rough. I couldn’t fall asleep for nothing. I just lay in bed, nervous, thinking about how this new job would change my life, unable to quiet the noises in my head. And, after day four, it’s still sort of that way. Plus, I’m a night person. I love working on things until after midnight. With my former schedule, I could do that and wake up whenever I felt like. The only downside to that was that I would have to rush to get some things done like go to the post office or send work- or trinidadjunction-related emails. Anyway, I’m still working on my Dance in Trinidad series. I’m compiling a list of dancers/dance teachers/dance companies and after that I’ll try to reach out to them and ask politely if they’d mind being interviewed. It’s harder than I thought since time has become more of an issue for me. Anyway folks, I know this is late, but here’s a picture from the 2006 West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, New York. It’s our first Trinidad Junction street team photo. Like it? I made the t-shirts myself, although I was disappointed that you couldn’t really see the Trinidad Junction too well. I guess that’s what you get when you use iron-ons!




Oh yeah, and I want to thank Simone and Marl for being brave and posting something in the forums.


4 Responses to “My Topsy Turvy World”

  1. The Manicou Says:

    What are you talking about? I read this! 🙂

  2. Saucy Diva Says:


    just stopping by to say hello, I think that what you are trying to accomplish with your vision of arts and dance for Trinidad is excellent. I have a friend who is a dancer and still lives in Trinidad, she is a very good person for you to contact and get links to other dancers.

    So drop me an email and I will give you more information.
    Keep up the good work, I think BOTH your sites are a great service so don’t feel sorry for yourself ok.


  3. Nikkia Says:

    Aw shucks. Thanks very much for the kind words Saucy Diva! And Manicou – you get big props for your valued readership. I promise, no more feeling sorry for myself. It’s just that I dream big, really big and want people to believe in those big dreams. Plus, I wish I had more time to dedicate to this project…and now that I’ve started a new job, that’s almost impossible. Nevertheless, according to Machel, “we will carry onnnn and on!”Thanks again for reading!

  4. Easy Home Says:

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