New Job. New Life?

September 7, 2006

Started my new job today. I should be totally pumped about it. I spent two years in grad school studying for a job just like this one. But it’s taking me a while to get worked up about it. Why? Well I’ve been teaching dance, doing my own thing, making my own schedule for over a year now, so getting up early and wearing formal outfits don’t exactly tickle my fancy.

I might be overexaggerating just a tiny bit though. I have to admit. It was nice. Okay, maybe really nice. I have a spacious cubicle. I got my ID card today. I also have a name plate on the outside of my cubicle. I have access to plenty office supplies. My coworkers and boss are nice. My mentor/boss took me out to lunch today which was yummy. My computer wasn’t hooked up yet, so I felt lost and alienated for most of the day. I suppose that was the only bummer.

In between reading research reports I thought up different ways to make TJ better. Sometimes I get impatient. At the end of my first day back in corporate mode, when I finally got to check my email I was really hoping to see tons of emails from musicians and artists waiting in my inbox. Not so.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is a labour of love. TJ is like a baby seed that needs alot of extra TLC and attention. It won’t grow overnight (although I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some kind of super growth spurt in the weeks to come) so I better be patient. Otherwise, I’ll go crazy and I’m already a little bit cuckoo. I’m super sleepy right now – should be in bed actually. My body is still in shock from my 6:45am wake up. Sorry for straying off the topic there.

Nighty nite


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