Launch Party!

September 5, 2006

Yesterday, along with my dearest friends (see some of us pictured above), I celebrated the launch of Trinidad Junction in some serious style. But things couldn’t get underway without at least one little hiccup.

It’s been such a long time since I organized an event that I forgot all about being fashionably late. Silly me made reservations for 7p.m. and told everybody to meet me at Sugarcane for 7p.m. So at 7p.m. only the bf, ae and me were there. We had drinks – I had an out of this world mango mojito – while we waited until the others arrived.

For those who’ve never been, Sugarcane is a fantastic place to eat – if you love Trini food and can handle really loud music blasting into your ears while you eat. I like to read restaurant reviews before I eat out in NYC and the reviews that I read for Sugarcane all said pretty much the same thing – incredible food, great drinks, nice vibe, but never go there if you want to catch up with old friends – so I prepared myself. Or so I thought.

I was prepared for incredible food and as expected, the food was delightfully delicious. I hoped for great drinks and got exactly that. I looked forward to a nice vibe and was greeted with cool Trinis limin’ in true Trini style – with a drink in one hand, a big grin and a storytelling friend somewhere close by. But the music. Oh lord eh! Talk about loud. Sugarcane has a bar upfront with seating for the restaurant behind so my friends and I rationalized that the music was bar-loud. But oh gosh man! By the end of dinner, we were ready for a party. Around 9ish they stopped playing the R&B and put on some soca. We were wining and chewing at the same time. Maybe that was the reason for the loud music. I wonder.

Anyway, the night ended at my place – in my tiny one bedroom apartment. I still don’t know how we manage to squeeze 14 people into my living room. You should see the size of it. All in all, we had a great time.


One Response to “Launch Party!”

  1. TriniRocker Says:

    Seriously, Sugercane’s Jerk Wings are so good I’d use them as a toothbrush if mum would only let me.

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