Rain Rain Go Away

September 3, 2006

Boy oh boy. Talk about rain. It’s been dark out all day and windy as hell. The Weather Channel has posted “Severe Weather Alerts for Brooklyn” so I plan to take their advice and stay in doors for the rest of the night. I haven’t been inside all day though. Earlier this afternoon, Daniel and I decided to make a ‘Target’ trip. I needed Frosted Flakes (yes, I’m 26 and I am still in love with sugar), white medium boy t-shirts (to advertise TrinidadJunction.com at the West Indian Day Parade on Monday) and iron-on paper (to iron the TrinidadJunction.com logo on to the t-shirts). He wanted to check out pans, knives and a coffee grinder (he’s in love with cooking, Alton Brown and the Food Network) but ended up not finding what he wanted. — nevertheless, he’s on our other computer right now debating whether to order the stuff off of Ebay.

Since my return in mid-August from our month long trip to Brasil, I’ve been eating, drinking and sleeping TrinidadJunction.com. I start my new job on Wednesday September 6th so I thought that I’d try to get as much done before then. I’ve been ducking my friends (sorry Sarah, Jason, Amal and Daphne) to work on the website and ignoring my bf a teeny bit too (sorry Dan). For the past week or so, my daily routine has involved waking up around 11:30am (late eh?! i know! iz only because bedtime is close to 4:00am these days), turning on the laptop, brushing my teeth (to give the computer time to boot up), returning to the couch and computer and working on the site until my belly starts growling. But now that most of the work is done things should get better.

Yesterday, after creating a MySpace page for the site, I proceeded to send friend requests to as many trinis as possible. I was like a mad woman. Clicking away, ignoring my tired eyes and hands, only one goal in site – Must, Add, More, Friends. I’m not sure how effective having a MySpace page is (although everybody and their mother has one), but Dan continues to reassure me that it’s the right thing to do.

On another positive note, I contacted Saucy Diva to officially introduce myself since I’ve been a fan of her work and I think she’s a good person to know, and to ask her if she could include the links to both my sites, Carnival Junction and Trinidad Junction on her blog page. She responded to my email quickly, said that she would add my links and mentioned that she knew about Carnival Junction because one of her friends was able to sell her costume on the site for Carnival 2006. Again, I was pleased as punch. Saucy, thanks for putting a smile on my face on this very gloomy day in NY.

Anyway, tomorrow, I’m meeting a few of my friends to have dinner at a popular Trini restaurant in Brooklyn called Sugarcane (unfortunately they don’t have a website yet). It’s close to where I live but I’ve never eaten there. I’ve been inside though. To watch the Soca Warriors’ game against Sweden. It’s gotten rave reviews since it opened and I’ve been dying to eat there. Except, every single time I pass by, it’s packed to capacity. Crowds like that, especially for a restaurant, are a bit intimidating. I only like crowds for fetes, awesome concerts and Carnival Monday and Tuesday. So I never made it. But tomorrow night, in honour of Trinidad Junction AND the end of summer in NYC AND the beginning of my new job AND the unofficial start of Trinidad Carnival season, my friends and I will eat, drink and be merry. If you’re reading this, then I consider you a supporter so cheers to you too!


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