I Hope This Works

August 31, 2006

Yay! So I just sent out an email announcing the official launch of Trinidad Junction and the initial feedback is good. Well, maybe ‘good’ is not the word. I think ‘supportive’ is better. I’m glad that I have friends and family that are on my side. No matter what, they’re rooting for me and wishing me the best of luck. That’s really all I need. Anyway, here’s the email I just sent.

When? When? When? When? Now!”
– Shurwayne Winchester

Yes, NOW is the time. The world has been waiting for us with bated breath and we can disappoint no further. The anticipation ends here. Another Reveillac production has arisen in an attempt to fill one of the many creative voids plaguing cyperspace today – we call it Trinidad Junction ( http://www.trinidadjunction.com) and here’s why.

It will be our voice. It will spread our unsung talents throughout the Caribbean diaspora via the latest in technology. But such lofty goals can not be achieved alone. After all, this is not the story of one individual, this is the tale of a village, a community, a movement. So I call on you today to arm yourself in this artistic revolution. This is a weapon of mass instruction and you my friends are the teachers who will deploy it.

Calling all musicians, writers, artists and arts supporters! Together we can create a webspace where your innovative works, ideas and thoughts can be shared with likeminded souls and the fruits of your talent can be showcased. Mp3s will be sold. Stories will be told. If you the reader of this email do not fancy yourself an artist, then please forward this to someone who might find such a site of interest. And of course come back soon to see what your fellow Trinis have done. Details on how to make submissions are currently available on the site, as are the beginnings of a forum, a gallery, a blog and numerous placeholders. But its your participation that will make this site all it can be.

I look forward to hearing from each of you.

My fingers are crossed.

Special thanks to Daniel who helped with almost everything.


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