Slowly but surely

August 27, 2006

Thanks for reading my first post.

I’ve been working diligently on for over one week now and I’m thoroughly impressend with myself. Thanks to the Internet, Google and the support of my bf Daniel and my sis Anikka, putting this website together has been relatively simple and stress free. Don’t get me wrong though. I am in no way a website design expert. However, I do pride myself in being a creative thinker who has a lot of interesting website layout and business ideas in general. So to sum up, me + tutorials + family support = pretty awesome looking site.

Although it’s far from being done, is bursting at the seams with potential. In the upcoming week, I plan to get the blog, gallery and forum elements going. But after that comes the tricky stuff. How do I go about finding and wooing talented Trinbagonian artists?

I grew up in a somewhat ‘artsy’ environment (I studied ballet and modern with the Caribbean School of Dancing and Metamorphosis Dance Company in Port-of-Spain and came from a family of jewelers and mas makers) and know some people that should be very interested in the site. But since I no longer live in Trinidad, it will be hard for me to actively network with the artists trying to make waves today. The Internet will help spread the word but it will only go so far. I think that I need to be in Trinidad to really get things going.

Or maybe I’m wrong. I have faith in the product. I know it is good. And sometimes when a product is good, truly good, it does the work for you. You don’t need to work hard to convince people that what you’re selling is of superior quality and won’t break after ten uses. People talk to each other and get excited about what your offering on a purely organic level. That’s ideal and that’s what anyone starting a new venture should want. So of course that’s what I want too. But only time will tell.

Stay tuned


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